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About Cedar Flooring

Cedar Flooring – Where Professionalism Meets Beauty

In our pursuit to provide the best flooring services in Australia, we blend professionalism and transparency with sophisticated flooring ideas impeccably. Here, our clients’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Get to know us more and see how we help you revitalise your floors and aesthetic! 

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Find Impeccable Flooring Ideas Croydon Area That Connects With You & Your Guests on a Much Deeper Level

Professionals Dedicated to Help You Get Flooring You’ve Always Wanted

Being in the industry for many years, we are proud to say that our clients and experts have worked together on countless occasions to craft the perfect cedar wood flooring solution that appeals to onlookers on a much deeper level. 

Whether it’s pure wood or laminate sheets, you’ll find that our floors are rather robust and stubborn. They won’t wear as easily, and that’s what you can count on when we give you our post-service promise in the form of our extended warranty periods. 

Cedar Flooring experts in Croydon are well known for the amount of effort, teamwork, collaboration with you, and improvisation capabilities. With the help of experienced and high-quality material, we can get the job done quickly and cost-effectively without compromising on any front. 

Different teams collaborate with each other to give you the most polished results exactly the way you envisioned it. It begins with the quote process where we recommend the best flooring for main floors within your budget, and our regard for your satisfaction runs through finalisation and feedback.

See how over many years of experience can make a difference and give you quick & unprecedented results!

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The Cedar Flooring Service Advantage – What You Get


Dedication & Attention Beyond The Norm

Cedar Flooring works with you from start to finish with our diverse range of materials, techniques, and staff. The goal is to go above and beyond the normal course of service and give you the best possible representation without being a burden on your wallet. 

Detail-Oriented & Holistic

All our flooring solutions take a holistic approach, and it may involve removing the previous flooring in place or levelling the surface off. We only hire experts who are detail-oriented and cover all our bases to help you find the design and colour that meets your requirements for the letter. 

Expertise Beyond Expectations

Once we begin work, our experts make a point of helping you understand how you need to take care of the floor and help remove any issues that can be removed to make the maintenance and cleaning procedure easier on you. The goal is to ensure a long life for the floor, hence saving you costs. 

Who We Are

We are proud of our meticulousness, transparency and empowerment – the three core pillars of Cedar Flooring. We started with a small group of motivated and expert floor installers who one day decided to open up Cedar Flooring services. Our leader, *name*, values your time and our efforts, which is exactly what customers find most attractive (apart from the designs and service, of course)

Our regard for how we treat customers before, during, and after service along with the quality and affordability of our work gave us every opportunity to grow, and we took it. Now, we are a large collection of flooring experts, inspectors, polishers, sales representatives, customer facilitation experts, and managers under one roof, dedicated to helping you with your project regardless of the scope. 

Our Leadership

Learn More About The Individuals Who Come Together To Turn Your Dream Into Reality & Give You Floors That Make A Statement

Cedar Flooring began with just one individual. The odds were immense but the resolve was stronger. Our leadership wasn’t afraid of dreaming big. The process was a bit bumpy at first but over time, things got more streamlined as we incorporated more and more of our clients’ feedback into processes. Eventually, Cedar Flooring came to where it is today. 

Our journey is still beginning, and we would like to invite you to be a part of it. We resolve to serve you in the most cost and time-efficient manner possible and be open to your valuable feedback. We would love to show you what we’ve got and listened to your comments about what we can do to make our service better. Help us set newer targets and reach the horizons!