Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring

Unlike conventional hardwood that comes straight from a tree and into your home, engineered timber hardwood is a more complex product that comprises several layers. Engineered timber hardwood flooring is an increasingly popular flooring solution for Australian homes. Preferred by designers for aesthetic appeal and industry trade for ease of installation and breadth of application, engineered timber wood floor planks become the focal point in both residential and commercial spaces.

The Beauty of Solid Timber Hardwood, Engineered to Perfection!

Engineered timber hardwood flooring comprises a layer of regular hardwood underneath layers of shielding coatings, extending the same luxurious feel and appearance as solid timber floorings. Boasting excellent durability, engineered timber floors are ideal for high-traffic spaces of Australian homes and offices.

Four Layers for An Incredible Stability & Longevity

Outer Layer

The outermost of the engineered timber flooring is hardwood veneer – a slim wedge of wood typically less than 1/8 inches of whichever timber species you desire. Moreover, its veneer surface adds beauty and authenticity to real timber hardwood.

Inner Layer

The inner layer of engineered timber is made of high-density hardwood or fiberboard and plywood.

Sturdy Core Layer

The core layer makes engineered timber hardwood more stable and sturdier than regular hardwood.

Wear Layer

This UV-coated layer gives resiliency and durability for longevity.

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Cedar Flooring is prefinished to ensure there’s no fumes or dust and an effortlessly quick installation, particularly designed for Australian lifestyles.

Lake wood

Lake wood

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Natural Range

Natural Range

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Engineered Timber Hardwood

Unlike traditional hardwood, which comes straight from the tree into your home, engineered hardwood is a more complex product made up of several layers. The outside is a solid wood veneer, which is a thin slice of wood (less than 1/8″) of any type you want. The inner layers are made of plywood, high-density fiberboard, or solid wood. The base layers make the product more stable than regular hardwood, while the veneer surface adds beauty and authenticity.

Engineered Timber Flooring

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Moisture Resistant

The layers block moisture and give extra stability to your floor.

High Durability

Shielded by a sturdy external layer, engineered timber flooring is highly durable.

Easy to Clean

Superior moisture and stain-resistant surface coatings, making spills and other messes effortless to handle.


Fewer trees are cut, as only one layer of solid wood is needed.

Economical Flooring

Get authentic hardwood feels in less than the price of actual solid timber.


Engineered timber floors can be seamlessly integrated into any array of environments and design styles.

Low Maintenance

Engineered timber floorboards do not warp or swell.

Many Color & Styles

The possibilities for engineered timber flooring colors and styles are limitless.

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