Pattern of installation

There’s an almost unlimited number of ways you can install your hardwood flooring. Here are some of the most popular we recommend: Random Diagonal Chevron Herringbone Parquet Random Plank This is the most common hardwood floor pattern. It has its roots (pun intended) in the flooring pattern used by those early colonists and their hand […]

4 Types of Australian Timber for Flooring

Australian Timber Flooring The Australian forestry industry continues to flourish, and there is indeed no shortage of beautiful softwoods and versatile hardwoods when it comes to local Australian timbers.    Often overlooked, using Australian timber for flooring and building projects comes with a plethora of advantages, such as a local supply chain, sustainable forestry management, [...]

What Is Herringbone Flooring?

The herringbone flooring Melbourne pattern is a repetitive V-shaped design that is made using long, rectangular wood planks. The zig-zag pattern displays a floor where one end of a plank meets the side of the other. This design is based on consistency and adds a unique element to any floor. Benefits of Herringbone Flooring Categorised […]

What Is Spotted Gum Flooring?

Spotted Gum Flooring Without any doubt, spotted gum timber flooring is the pinnacle of Australia in your house. The budding popularity of this timber flooring shouldn't be a surprise as it not only provides a remarkably strong foundation it also brings Australian nature's essence into your house. This post will explain what spotted gum timber [...]

Method of installation

You know that the installation of your flooring is important, but it may be an even more significant decision than you are aware of. Poor installation shortens the lifespan of your flooring and leaves much to be desired in terms of aesthetics. However, a proper installation promises that you save both time and money on [...]

Benefits of SPC Flooring