Also known as stone plastic composite, SPC vinyl flooring is growing in popularity thanks to its remarkably desirable features and traits. It offers many benefits and has also proved to be an excellent alternative to solid or engineered hardwood flooring. 


In this post, we will discuss some of the leading benefits of SPC flooring. But first, let’s understand what it is: 


What Is SPC Flooring?

Essentially, SPC vinyl flooring is considered to be an advanced version of engineered vinyl flooring. However, there is one major point of difference between both: its unique resilient core. The SPC flooring core contains polyvinyl chloride, natural limestone powder, and stabilizers which provide an exceptionally stable base for every flooring plank. Moreover, once installed, there is no way anybody could tell what is inside each plank with a naked eye. Instead, they appear like any other engineered vinyl flooring, with the core layer fully hidden. 


Benefits of SPC Flooring

Due to its several benefits and growing popularity, you can find SPC flooring in almost every other Australian home. Here are some of the leading benefits of installing SPC flooring that may help you understand why it’s becoming such a popular choice:


  • Highly Durable – SPC vinyl flooring can last up to twenty years or more when maintained properly. Additionally, factors like the quality range of SPC and manufacturing practices also determine how long your SPC flooring lasts. Therefore, always choose a reliable manufacturer with a performance guarantee. 


  • Aesthetically Versatile – SPC vinyl flooring comes in massive variation styles and colours that provide you with the freedom to design your own arrangements and patterns. You can use different styles and colours to create desired looks or use different coloured tiles for a quirky effect. 


  • Budget-Friendly – Though it’s more pricy than some standard vinyl flooring alternatives, SPC vinyl flooring is usually less costly than other luxury floorings, such as stone and hardwood. For people inclining towards DIY, its easy installation also curbs labour costs. 


  • Easy to Maintain – SPC vinyl floors are also resistant to scratching, stains, impacts, and wear and tear. Making it an excellent choice for busy households. In addition to holding up well, SPC flooring is also extremely is easy to clean and maintain. All it needs is regular sweeping or vacuuming and occasional mopping. 


Please note that these are only a few of the many benefits of SPC flooring. If you want to learn more about SPC vinyl flooring Melbourne, feel free to call us at 03 82039215. Our friendly representatives will be more than delighted to assist you!