what is 5G click system?

There are several traditional ways to install flooring, such as staple down, nail down, floating, glue down, etc. 


One contemporary is the 5G Click Installation System. 

what is 5G click system?

floor installation

This revolutionary floor installation method is fast, strong and easy, and requires a minimum number of tools. For customers as well as professionals, this means labor and time efficiency. So, if you are a DIYer, say goodbye to bruised thumbs and welcome better end results.


Read on to learn “what is 5G click system?” and how it has revolutionized the floor installation process.


What Is 5G Click System? 

5G is a globally recognized brand that offers a variety of highly effective and glue-less floor installation systems. With 5g click systems, floor installation has never been easier! It involves locking systems that are based on the “single action” installation method, highly suitable for all widths and types of floor products.


How does 5G Click Installation work?

The floorboards are locked or sealed on the long side with a conventional angling technique. In contrast, on the board’s short side, different styles of the 5G click systems allow users a fast and easy installation by side push or vertical snap without needing any tools.


Benefits of 5G Click System


  • Installation System for All Flooring Types – click system technologies provide a locking system suitable for every kind of flooring material, thickness, and width.


  • Easy and Fast – the 5G click system has made the entire floor installation system as easy and fast as it can get.


  • No Shifting – with a 5G click system, no shifting of the long or short side is needed.


It is true that 5G click systems have revolutionized the way floorings are used and installed today. Floor installation has never been easier; all you need is a “snap” to install boards!


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